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Re: 5G

Post by Rusty » Sun Jul 28, 2019 3:23 pm

ooh, have we got a thread for ghost stories? If not please elaborate, Achtung!
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Re: 5G

Post by Achtung Englander » Mon Jul 29, 2019 11:07 am

on 3 seperate occassions electronic devices would switch themselves on in the middle of the night

1 - twice an electric toothbrush started working. The Mrs went to investigate as I am guarding the bedsheets and switched off the electric toothbrush only for it to start working again about 30 min later. This was around 3am

2 - I had my ipad next to our bed. One night it started playing Spotify by itself in the middle of the night. I switched it off. About 15 min later it started playing BBC iplayer. Again in the middle of the night

3 - My son who was then 1 was watching TV in the spare room in the early morning around 6. I ventured in and said did Mummy switch on for you. He said no I did it. What ?? :shock: Hang on. What buttons did you press. He looked at me with a blank expression. Daddy is not angry - just show me what buttons you pressed. He looked at the remote and shrugged his shoulders.
He would have needed to switch on the TV, the Sky Box, pressed Source - move to HDMI1 from TV (as only the Sky box was plugged), navigated to a kiddy channel. This at an age when he could barely navigate a Tommy toy.

To this day I am still utterly confused.

When we left the house, the young maintenance guy called Luke was working alone. I went back to pick up something I left behind and mentioned the house is haunted. He turned white
"don't say that"
"because I have an industrial hoover and it switched itself on when I was in another room at maximum setting. I never use maximum setting as it is too powerful"
"ok bye Luke"
"don't go" and generally meant it

Now all these products were switched on the mains with the exception of the ipad. So maybe a electrical surge of somekind. It was still weird because it was so unnatural.

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edit - now that I think about it - i just remembered that electric toothbrush thing happened twice on 2 separate nights. I have seen Poltergeist - that is why I got my Emma to investigate :-"
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