Battlefield V [PC, PS4, XBone] - V is for Victory

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Re: Battlefield V [PC, PS4, XBone] - V is for Victory

Post by Pew-Pew » Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:50 pm

Still holding out on this. Don't really want to pay a great deal of money for it if there isn't that much in the way of 'content'. And by that, I mean maps, etc. as I couldn't give a fuck how many gun options I have (or cosmetic options).

I've heard that this is the best BF of recent years, and that it is going more towards a teamplay-oriented style, but I do wonder if a lot of the people saying this have much experience playing the older BF games, in particular BF2 and BF2142, which to me were the highlights of the series in terms of maps and the amount of teamwork that was encouraged by the game. I think it might have been Snowy who said this earlier in the thread: one of the things I don't like as much about the newer BF games is that it feels like you're constantly in a firefight. You don't have those moments of peace or 'safety' whilst travelling to objectives, or sneaking around behind enemy lines, etc. I used to love doing that in maps like Dragon Valley and Fushe pass. I think the lack of distance fog also doesn't help. I miss the days of going on a commando mission to destroy the enemy commander's assets in a helicopter or small boat. Or even assassinating the bastard if 'base-raping' was allowed on the server. :twisted:

I also miss the more specialised roles you were forced into, and how you had to accept some kind of nerf in order to perform those roles, e.g. the anti-tank soldier or the engineer. That said, medic was a bit OP on BF2 (hence why I played as one so much -_-)

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Re: Battlefield V [PC, PS4, XBone] - V is for Victory

Post by Animalmother » Sat Dec 08, 2018 11:52 am

So this game doesn't seem to be doing so great, its already had a couple of price drops just weeks after release. EA even offering a very large discount to previous BF game owners if they'll please just buy the game.

If I'm honest I'm not overly enjoying the game very much. The grind to unlock new gear is a real chore and I'm already bored with the small selection of maps. The time to kill is insane, it's a return to the die, get revived, die, revive bollocks from the older games. I should have given it 5 or 6 months to allow it to develop a bit more.

Looks pretty though.

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