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Sly Boots
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Re: Currently Playing

Post by Sly Boots » Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:59 pm

Completely forgot about this. Did anyone else buy it?

Might be good to find a night sometime we can all play a session (so far Mantis, Snowy, Raid and me). Is it something that's best played on comms a la our D&D sessions, or without?

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Re: Currently Playing

Post by Alan » Thu Sep 17, 2020 1:12 pm

Played a bit of Spelunky 2. Its more of the first with a bit more bobbins. I never really understood the fervor over the first but if you liked that I'm sure this will be up your street.

Slay The Spire ios
Slew the spire on my 5th game. Once with each to unlock the keys, one that was a failure, then a defect run that slew it. Stupidly chuffed with that. Most farther runs have been abject failures right enough but I'll always have paris.

Eve Echoes
Still playing it on and off. Theres this artificial gating by tech levels which is fucking annoying! Around 30 days before I'm high enough "level" to train Battlecruisers for example. One of the best things about Eve was that level didnt mean anything and if you specialised your training you could get into most sub caps and fly them well fairly quickly. Which lead to....

Eve Online
Oh look, I activated my account again and wow theres so much changed but so much thats still the same. I dont know if I can get back into it but man this game is still amazing. Theres nothing else like it (other than Echoes if you can count that) and it deserved to be in the pantheon of greatest games ever made with zero hyperbole.

This is just a great mindless... thing. Its really hard to pinpoint what Destiny stole from them and what they stole from Destiny but its certainly more fun than its more AAA kin.
I used to be eVoL but I got better.
I like everything now.

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Re: Currently Playing

Post by Drarok » Thu Sep 17, 2020 2:22 pm

Sly Boots wrote:
Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:59 pm
Completely forgot about [Among Us]. Did anyone else buy it?
I got it last night as one of my friends was playing it online, got a bit of a crash course, and crash is a particularly choice word since the UX is an absolute car crash. The controls are bad, the UI inscrutable (the voting phase is the worst example – there's seemingly two separate voting interfaces, but only one of them actually does anything), and when I first launched it, it refused to connect to any game until I restarted it. Utterly garbage as a first-time experience.

Still, the actual gameplay is fun and a lot quicker than I expected. Got a number of games done in what little time I was on last night.

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Re: Currently Playing

Post by Raid » Wed Sep 23, 2020 3:37 pm

I've gone back to Enter the Gungeon, although as I've moved from Switch to XBox my progress has been reset. As it's a rogue-like, this doesn't really change very much, it's just that there's less variety in pickups. I must have played this for 50+ hours by now, and today is the first time I've ever made it to the final boss (well, the last gungeon boss, I've not even started on crafting the Bullet That Can Kill The Past). I almost beat him first time too, there was just one mis-timed roll right at the end of the bullet curtain phase that did me in. I had an amazing combo of the trident and bell that stops time, which meant that most kills created a ring of slowed time where the enemy died, allowing me to get out of the way of most shots.

I like to think that I'm getting pretty good at this now, and while the success of a run relies on a fair bit of luck in regards to which weapons you find, I can usually get to the fourth level. My downfall comes from not being able to get through most bosses without taking a hit (which if you manage awards you an extra heart container); I've done it on *most* of the bosses at least once, but the sodding Bullet King, one of the first bosses you can encounter, gets me every single time.

I really can't recommend the game enough, it's genuinely one of my favourites (it's where my avatar comes from). The gameplay is dead simple, but the variety of weapons on offer, almost every one of which is a either a pop-culture reference or based on a pun, changes your playstyle every run.

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